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Mt Sanford

Mt Sanford is a beautiful place to live and work. It is a scenic property, featuring a lovely homestead surrounded by trees.

Cattle 23,000 head
Breeders 8,900 head
Land 249,700 hectares
Country Predominantly open black soil, undulating country with patches of rock, also swampy soil to the west and soil ridges to the south, gorges and springs to the east.

Station Managers Brent & Kelsey Stevenson

Brent and Kelsey joined Heytesbury Cattle Co. in December 2010 as Junior Managers of Pigeon Hole Station. In early 2013 they became Managers of Mt Sanford.

“What attracted us to, and keeps us at Heytesbury Cattle Co. is their high appreciation of their staff and strong values in regards to cattle production.”