Pigeon Hole

Pigeon Hole was originally an outstation of Victoria River Downs Station. The original homestead was located on the banks of the Victoria River, however following major flooding in 2000 the station complex was relocated and rebuilt.

Cattle 22,000 head
Breeders 9,000 head
Property Size 180,000 hectares
Country The northern part of the property comprises both red and black soil, from escarpments through to the alluvial river banks of the Victoria River, which runs throughout. Pasture species vary from spinifex outcrops to productive pastures of the black soil. The southern end of the property is highly developed with fencing and waters. This part is mostly undulating Downs, predominantly black soil, with pasture species such as native sorghum, Flinders, Mitchell and blue grasses.

Station Managers – John & Lauren Mudford

John & Lauren joined Heytesbury at the beginning of the 2015 season in the positions of Head Stockman & General Station Hand respectively.  They were then promoted to Stations Managers as of November 2016.